April Updates

Here is what's happening in April at River Brockport.

Posted by Jeremiah Thomas on March 29, 2017

Spring is here.

Entering the month of April brings exciting news to The River Church. Warmer Weather! Who isn’t excited about that?? But besides that we have some really great stuff to share with you.


Easter at The River Church!

Come celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with us. We would be thrilled for you to join us! This is a wonderful opportunity to invite family or friends to come with you to church.


Positive Confession.

April’s Sunday series on the power of positive confession will change your life! Many people don’t put thought to their words. If you align your words with God’s Word it gives life changing power to them!


Up or Down

God gives everybody the ability to choose. There is one decision that everybody makes which determines where they will spend eternity. If you have ever wondered what heaven or hell will be like then join us for our Wednesday night Bible study series in April.


Get Involved

We have a healthy way for you to help spread the news about our church. Every Saturday in April we will be putting up door hangers all around town. If you want to combine some exercise with sharing the good news make sure to come out and join us. Meet us at the church at 9:45, we will be going out from 10am to 11am.

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Never miss a sermon.

You can listen to all of our sermons online, including this past month’s series on the Gifts Of The Spirit. We try to make it easy for you to listen, that’s why we have our audio available on our website


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