Happy February!

The start of a new month means exciting news for The River Church!

Posted by Jeremiah Thomas on February 1, 2017


Happy February!

The start of a new month means exciting news for The River Church! Before we get to that, let me just say- January was an amazing month! Having Evangelist Jana Pauls come to preach is always powerful and this year’s Winter Revival was no exception! Many people’s lives were touched and transformed by the power of God.

Pastor Julia and I traveled to Tampa Fl. to our home church with our baby Zara to receive a fresh impartation from the Holy Ghost- and we got it!! Also Zara was dedicated which was a powerful moment for all of us. You can watch a video of Zara being dedicated and a word we received for Rochester on our facebook page.

Lastly we finished our month series on prayer which, if applied- will totally transform your life! Make sure to listen to those messages if you haven’t heard them (or again if you have). You can listen to those messages via our website on river media , podcast , or YouTube channel.






Like I said, February brings exciting news! This month on Sunday mornings the topic is God The Father. Some people have a poor view of their heavenly Father because of the way their earthly father treated them. When you have a revelation of how much God loves you, you will never see Him in the same way. God IS love! You need to experience that love for yourself!

God reveals his character through His many names that He introduced Himself as in the Bible. God our healer, the God of more than enough, Almighty God… to list a few. We are instructed to be imitators of God; therefore we should know who God is and what He is like- both through experience and His Word!

Come join us this month for a series that will draw you closer to your Heavenly Father.


That brings us to our “edgy” Wednesday night topic for the month of February: Love, Sex and Marriage. (We’ll talk about dating too) When the church stays silent on topics- people will get their information elsewhere. The Bible has a lot to say on this subject so it is our duty to share that with you. Regardless of what relationship you are or aren’t in, these teachings will help you, challenge you, and cause you to grow, both as an individual and a couple.

If you have struggled in this area of your life- this is a great opportunity for you to end the struggle. If you have a great marriage, this will encourage you to grow even closer together. If you are single, you will learn to find your fulfillment in God first, and how to get ready for the partner that God has for you. Together we will learn about what a Godly relationship is meant to be!

Wednesdays at 7pm, don’t miss out.


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