Acts 8:9

There’s a difference between believing and converting. 

Simon had a desire for power, and that’s why he asked for the Holy Spirit. In Acts 3 he had believed in Jesus and repented, making him a believer, but he wasn’t right with God.

In the church, there are people that can sing the songs and say the right things, but they aren’t right with God. That’s not how God has called you to be. 

Simon was a believer, but on the inside of him was wickedness. Not every christian has a halo. They’ve got stuff they are working through.

It’s our job as the church to help them through it. As a believer, your objective is to make more believers and bring them to maturity.

Besides just being empowered to be a witness by the Holy Spirit, you are empowered to be a leader. A good leader isn’t determined by the position, but the impact they have on those around them. 

In order for a young believer to do really well, they need to be discipled. Simon needed to be discipled after becoming a believer. Simon also showed that discipleship isn’t always fun.

Part of helping people out is telling them they’re going the wrong way. You have to be there to show them the right way to go sometimes. 

If you’re a christian and you’re constantly struggling and going backwards, you’re doing something wrong. If you are right with God things should be going right with you.

The goal of every believer should be to disciple others. And, as a believer, you should be being discipled. 

Sometimes you’re in a problem because people were always nice to you and they don’t want to offend you. 

Proverbs 13:20

Who are you surrounding yourself with? Are they fools, or are they wise? When you’re discipling someone, you should be influencing them. And at the same time, you should have someone over you instructing you.

If you want someone to disciple you, find someone that is ahead of you. Ask them lots of questions. Take them out to lunch/dinner, taking the step to provide them value. 

Maybe you’re doing something you’ve never done before. Don’t wait for someone to approach you. You have to get people involved in your life that can help you.

Being a disciple means you will need to be corrected sooner or later, so don’t be discouraged. Correction doesn’t come because they don’t like you, they just don’t want you to crash and burn.

If you yourself are being disciplied, you’ll be discipling others. 

Press in for yourself, let God do a work in you, and get help. Soon, you’ll be helping others and imparting what you know into them.

People will come to you saying “hey, how did you get to where you are?”

When you disciple someone, you have to see them for their future selves, don’t see them as they are right now. Don’t treat them where they are now, treat them where you want them to be. That’s what God does with us.

Matthew 28:18

The great commission. Go into the world and create disciples. Jesus has been given all power and it has been imparted to you as a believer. 

Discipleship isn’t a religious program, it’s a way of connecting the body of Christ. The best way to connect is to influence and be influenced. 

Don’t ever think what you’re doing is small. When you start helping people, it can start small but it will grow big. 

  1. Be discipled.
  2. Disciple others.