Vision is extremely important to have in life. Without vision, your life is very loose. With vision, your life is very narrow and tight.

What you will experience in your life and the impact you will leave is dependent on the vision you have. 

To spend time talking about vision is more effective than crossing something off of your todo list. If you don’t know where you’re heading, you’ll never end up anywhere.

When you obtain that vision and run with that vision it’ll leave a mark on people and you will be remembered. 

You vision doesn’t mean preaching. It’s just one element of being a christian. It goes beyond that. Every bit of your life

Are you more or less just existing? Taking life as it comes?

Or are you actively looking at the future and planning your steps?

Where do you see your life going? Or do you just no see it at all?

Every single person has something massive they can accomplish. If you’ll get God’s vision for your life, you can radically change your future.

If there is something you want out of this life, you have to do something about it. 

How can you go out and do anything if you don’t know what you want to go out and do?

In our society, so much money is wasted on people that don’t know what they want to do. In the past, guidance counselors sent kids to college to find out what they wanted to do. They rack up debt and come out still not knowing what they want to do.

When you know where you want to go, you know what roads will take you there the quickest, and what roads will take you there the longest. 

Many people’s lifestyles are completely conflicting with the vision that they have. They go the opposite direction of what it takes to get where they want to go.

Don’t head east when you want to go west. If you know what to do, then you know what you shouldn’t do.

If you surround yourself with a bunch of duds for friends, how can you expect to get where you want to go? 

Specifically put people in your life that are further along than you so you can be challenged to be better. Ask them, “what did you do to get to where you are?”

When someone offers you something that isn’t part of your vision, then it’s easy to say no. But if you don’t have any vision, then you’ll jump at any opportunity that comes your way. Not every opportunity is good for you.

When you have vision it makes your life simple. When you have vision, it makes it easy to know how you should spend your time.

You have to know where you are going to know if you are getting closer. 

Your joy in life, your sense of accomplishment in life comes from fulfilling the call of God on your life. Stress comes from not knowing what to do, and from doing the wrong thing.

I would rather have peace, then popularity.

Why was I born? Why am I here today? Figure out what God wants you to do with your life. Then you can measure your progress towards that goal.

So, how do I find my vision and purpose?

People want the voice of God to be complicated and profound. They want the voice of the Lord to be audible so they know it’s God. 

In general, God speaks to your heart and leads you and guides you to all truth.

It’s something you can’t shake on the inside. If it’s from God, you won’t be able to shake it. 

When you find what you want, hone the skills necessary to do that thing and commit to it. 

If you focus more on becoming valuable than becoming successful, you’ll become successful. People will pay for people that are valuable. 

I believe that God has put something on the inside of everyone that is valuable. If you’ll just take the skill and talent that God has put on the inside of you and focus on it someone will pay you for that skill.

Today, we have an opportunity far greater that 100 years ago.

Now, there are ordinary people that have a very clear purpose, and they surround themselves with the right people, and they hone their skill. That brings value and people pay for it. 

You weren’t born to do everything. The most successful people have had a very specific vision and stuck to it. 

If you’ll be obedient to the vision that God has given you, you’ll go way further in life.

Luke 10:38-40

Just because you’re doing something good it doesn’t mean that’s the right thing to do.

Martha interrupts Jesus, and complains. She makes it all about her. When you’re in the will of God, you won’t feel burdened.

Many people find themselves doing good things, but it’s not the one thing they were meant to do. God wants you to do the one thing that He has called you to do. 

Vision will choose your future, your priorities, use of time, use of energy, your friends, the books you read, and hobbies you have. If you are clear on your vision that’s what happens.

Vision brings clarity, clarity brings impact, impact brings finances, and finances bring more impact. 

How did I spend the last 12 months of my life? What will you be remembered for during that time? What can you improve from the last 12 months of that time?

We don’t have time to waste, no matter what age we are.